'Bloedsinaasappel zorgde ervoor dat ik verwoed de pagina’s omsloeg, om te weten wat er zou gebeuren. Heerlijk, dwangmatig lezen!’ Tess Gerritsen

Alison heeft het voor elkaar: een liefhebbende man, een charmante dochter en een glansrijke carrière als strafrechtadvocaat. Maar ze heeft ook geheimen.

Nog maar één nacht. Dan hou ik ermee op.

Harriet Tyce
Sabine Mutsaers
Original language
Original title
Blood orange
Amsterdam: Boekerij, © 2022
319 p.
9789022595961 (paperback)

About Harriet Tyce

Harriet Tyce (born November 1972) is a Scottish barrister and novelist, the author of Blood Orange (2019), The Lies you Told (2020) and It ends at midnight (2022).

Tyce was at first educated in Edinburgh, before gaining admission to Oxford University to study English literature, and then completing a law conversion course at City University. For nearly ten years she practised as a criminal barrister before changing her career path to creative writing and crime fiction. Her first novel became a Richard and Judy choice and according to Amazon, it became popular during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

Early and education

Harriet Tyce was born in November 1972 and grew up in Edinburgh, the eldest of two children of Lord Nimmo Smith, retired judge, and Jennifer, an academic and classicist. In Edinburgh, she at first attended an all girls school where she became friend…Read more on Wikipedia